Barney Way

This new 15-unit social housing block in Glen Eden is a collaborative project between Airedale Property Trust, Lifewise, Housing New Zealand, VisionWest, and Monte Cecilia.

This social housing block in Glen Eden is the result of a collaboration between Airedale Property Trust, Lifewise, Housing New Zealand, VisionWest, and Monte Cecilia.

The youth and young families who have moved into these homes will be given the support and help they need to move into permanent, stable housing and achieve independence. Tenants will be able to access a range of services including social work support, advocacy and budgeting, counselling, parenting courses, back to work training and youth education.

Paula Bennett, former Minister for Social Housing, visited the Glen Eden social housing block in December 2016. Mrs Bennett said this new development is a fantastic example of community housing providers and agencies working together to house vulnerable families.

“This is the kind of partnership the Government encourages – the resources of Housing New Zealand together with the experience and people-centred approach of community housing providers,” said Mrs Bennett.

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