Housing First

Airedale Property Trust provides tenancy management services to the Housing First Auckland City Centre programme.

Housing First supports people in need to access housing quickly. The approach is simple: Provide the housing first, then provide ongoing wrap-around supports that enable people to achieve their goals.

Housing First is unique because it offers individuals a home first and then provides them with additional supports and services for as long as they are needed. Evidence from the US, UK, and Canada shows that this approach to tackling homelessness is more successful and cost-effective.

What is Airedale Property Trust’s role?

Airedale Property Trust works with people who are experiencing chronic homelessness. We implement Housing First initiatives by providing a stable living situation and continual support. We work closely with our landlords and tenants to maintain healthy relationships and living practices.

“I’ve had some rough years lately, struggled with my health, while knowing many of my friends have died on the streets. So having this place to call home has been some good news for a change!

“For the last 20 years or so I’ve been boarding, renting, lived on the street, even a halfway house that got torn down recently. But this place, I’m gonna be here for a while now, thanks to the support I get from my Housing Specialist Maxine and my Key Worker Adrienne.

“I’ve got hope to become healthier and maybe even stop needing to use my walker. I couldn’t do that without a place to call home.”

Alex had been on the housing register for over a year, and had been experiencing chronic homelessness for 24 years before becoming a Housing First tenant.

As a a landlord or agent, you can make a difference by providing a home for those in need.

What are the benefits?

  • Guaranteed rent payments in full and on time directly from APT as the agent.
  • Carefully selected tenants with weekly inspections to ensure your house is well looked after.
  • Constant support for both you and the tenant. You will have your own personal relationship with one of our dedicated team members.
  • You can make a difference by providing a home for those who have struggled with chronic homelessness.

To know more, please contact our property officers on


or email housingfirst@apt.org.nz