Our Vision

To create a socially just and inclusive society for our community.

We’re focussed on providing services that are sustainable, both financially and environmentally

Airedale is recognised as a strong, ethical and effective builder of communities and independence.


  • Activities that support individual and community capacity to prevent and reduce social disadvantage
  • Services that are sustainable, both financially and environmentally
  • An organization that has the Treaty of Waitangi embedded in its culture, services and values


  • Respect
  • Courage
  • Integrity


  • Make visible signs of hope
  • Challenge injustices
  • Enhance community

Our Theological Principles

As part of the Methodist Mission our actions are defined by reference to the following theological principles:

  • We believe we are part of a movement which requires us to stand in solidarity with those who struggle with hope towards social conditions which offer equity and justice.
  • We believe that all things are infused with an inherent dignity and worth and we seek engagement in activities, which transform dehumanising and depersonalising social behaviours.
  • We believe in the integrity and the inter-dependence of all creation and therefore we are required to live as stewards of life and work in connected ways.
  • We believe in the inherent goodness of human kind, regardless of religion, and the generous spirituality of all individuals towards the world.

Trust Roles

There are three independent charitable trusts – Methodist Mission Northern, The Lifewise Trust (Lifewise) and Airedale Property Trust. While each Trust operates independently, the operation of each Trust is interdependent. All Trusts work in a way that honours the values of the Methodist Church.